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Blow-Fill-Seal Technology:TDBFSⅡ-5L/2A

TDBFSII-5L/2 3 in 1 Blow-Fill-Seal liquid packaging system operates cycle blows, fills and hermetically seals containers under aseptic conditions. All the processes are completed on one machine from step 1 to step 5. Range of the applications as follows: oral liquid medicine, eye care product, large and small volume parenterals, health care product and liquid food product etc.

TONGDA company is now the exclusive manufacturer for the system and has achieved seven patent in China.


Compared with the conventional filling process, the 3 in 1 Blow-Fill-Seal packaging system

  • eliminates human touching the liquid and the bottle in the filling area.
  • does not expose the liquid to a non-clean environment.
  • largely increases production efficiency through short set-up and preparation time.
  • small space requirements and high degree of automation, without the process of bottle delivery, cleaning, drying, rearranging and the equipment and the space for filling and sealing, and the results the cost of power, management and packaging material.